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What can you do to help against the fight of Human Trafficking?

1. Become aware of all the signs of Human Trafficking

2. Start sharing with friends and family

3. Invite us here at Fresh Start Healing Heart to speak at schools, groups, church, group you put together

4. Call in any tips of Commercial Sex areas to either Us, Police 911 or National hotline 1-888-373-7888

5. Call in any tips that may appear to be forced, coerced, or harsh Working areas to Us, Police 911 or National hotline 1-888-373-7888

6. Support us with becoming a part of our prayer team, for more contact us

7. Housing, food, expenses, legal, medical etc.. Costs so any and all Financial support is needed contact us.

8. Volunteer to help with booths, marketing, shopping, design work etc....

9. Donate your Professional Services

10. Attend local events on Trafficking

11. Purchase at and donate to Fresh Start Healing Heart under Human Trafficking

Contact us at our office 843-664-1991

24hotline (english) 843-338-8896

24 hotline(spanish) 843-467-3823

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