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thrift store in Estill, SC


Fresh Start Clothing & Accessories

Fresh Start Clothing & Accessories

We have opened our second hand store in Estill SC to serve many goals:

1. To bring great clothing and accessories at affordable prices

2. For Fresh Start Healing Heart to have offices to serve survivors in the rural counties​

3. Paid apprenticeship for survivors of human trafficking in retail, retail management and small business. This way they can move forward with a resume in hand.

4. Financial support for the work Fresh Start Healing Heart does with survivors and the community education.

Fighting human trafficking

Healing and Freedom

Restoring the lives of survivors takes all of us. By volunteering, making a donation, or shopping at our store, you are impacting every survivor we walk beside during their healing process.

About our store:

Look like a million bucks by shopping for you, your family, or your home at knock-out prices! We are blessed by the many donations that come in, that we are able to put new selections out daily. We do the best we can to serve the community as a whole. We work to keep our pricing low and if anything has a blemish it goes out for free on our out door tables. For your convienance we have try-on rooms so you can be sure of each selection you choose. We look forward to serving you. Please like us on facebook for updates, specials, and survivors needs. 

Our women's clothing section

Our Goals!

together we can make a difference

Serve the community

We work to bring great clothing and accessories to the community at affordable prices for all budgets

our children are not for sale

Apprenticeships for survivors of human trafficking

As survivors are healing and moving forward, we can offer the opportunity for them to build retail, retail management, and small business skills while providing a paid position and a resume for the future.

fighting human trafficking

Financial support for Fresh Start Healing Heart.

Our desire is to provide ongoing financial support for Fresh Start Healing Heart as they walk beside survivors of human trafficking during their healing process and provide community education for prevention.


What our customers are saying

We needed a place like this in our area! Thank you f​or doing what you do.

  Hampton County Resident

I come in here and decide to come back for it another day and every time its gone already

Estill Resident

I can't help myself, every time I come in here I spend and love everything!

Furman Resident

Get in touch!


680 Martin Luther King Blvd,

 Estill SC 29918


Office 803-625-2372



Sunday & Mondays Closed

Tues-Fri: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sat: 10:00am - 4:00 pm


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