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1. As of 2021 Polaris Project report:

Intenational Labour Organization estimates that there are over 40.3 million victims of Human Trafficking globally. 81% are trapped in force labor. 25% of them are children. 75% are women and girls


2. More are enslaved today than the number of slaves that came through the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade of the 1800's

3. Major companies use slave labor to compete for your dollars daily : Wal-Mart, Nike, Chipotle, and Apple to name a few that have been caught.

4. In order to solve their increased numbers of suicide, Apple Inc. put up suicide nets instead of caring about the conditions and treatment of their workers. We encourage you to look it up.

5. Commercial Sex Victims are forced to either serve between 10-30+ a day or bring in a certain amount of money before coming in.

6. Many Sex Trafficked Victims were lured in by false promises surrounding retail, modeling, or restaurant work. Other deceptive tactics include fake boyfriends, marriage promises, or victims were sold by family members.

7. Many Domestic Labor Slaves were brought in through false promises of work, paid education, and a better life. However, they receive nothing but a dog dish and a mat on the floor while working 24 hours with only naps they try to sneak in. Victims are often sexually abused and receive beatings on a regular bases.

8. Labor Slaves are promised great wage jobs only to find themselves forced to work in cruel conditions with no breaks, charged for their use of anything, beaten when not producing fast enough, threats against their families and many accumulating false debts that cause them to continue to work.

9. Poverty will cause more enslavement.

10. When Victims are brought across boarders their passports/visa's are taken by the Trafficker making them more afraid to leave.


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