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Safe Housing: Our number one concern is providing a safe environment for Survivors of Human Trafficking to stay while they are receiving the services they need to help them to start living an emotional, physical, spiritual and financial filled life on their own. We use a HOST FAMILY model . When it comes to youth , we work with them in their  home when possible or with social services and foster care. We focus on SC & GA mostly. Though work nationally a Survivor of Trafficking my come to us from any where when space is available!

Case Management: Seeing survivors thrive is so very important to our mission, our goal is to meet each person where they are in their journey and provide assistance on their goals and needs to move forward. Through our ongoing assessment we can begin to help them map out a recovery plan towards emotional, spiritual, educational,

physical and financial healing while directing them where to receive services ( Lawyers, Counseling, GED, Further Education, Drivers Ed, Health Care and Treatment) with our partnered organizations. These services are also available to Survivors of Trafficking not staying in house.


Programs: To further our clients along we have our core program which is expected of survivors to go through. Our core consists of Christian counseling, Forgiveness course, Boundaries course, Self-esteem course, Nutrition course, Life Skills course and Case Management. We also provide, support groups for Trafficking Survivors separated out according to type, financial education, personal positive growth, basic car care, parenting course, and goal setting. All programs will be incorporated in with their stay but also be made available to those of Trafficking Survivors who wish to learn who are not in house.

Awareness: Invite us to speak at your place of business, group, or church. By educating your area you are providing a safer community for everyone including your children and grandchildren. You will also increase the chances of Survivors being found.



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