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Fresh Start Healing Heart

Vision Statement

“ Healing and Freedom From Human Trafficking For All “

Our Belief:

-We believe everyone has the right to be free. Free from slavery, free to heal, free to grow and be educated.

-We believe true healing comes from the Lord Jesus Christ.

-We believe serving through grace, compassion and love for all assists in healing.

-We believe in the power of community

-We believe in the power of applied education

-We believe that true help must encompass honesty and integrity of those assisting

     By joining forces with other organizations, volunteers and education centers we can provide a network of support and more opportunity for survivors to be rescued and restored. We believe in the power of education. By educating the community we are creating a safer environment for our generation and the generations to come.

      Our Goal here at Fresh Start Healing Heart is to raise the public awareness of this sad situation of human trafficking also known as modern day slavery. With your help and financial support we are able to provide safe comfortable housing in which to house victims out of harms way while connecting them with our team of compassionate workers, Provide support groups for those dealing with the same type of Victimization along with Case Management.

      Our desire is to take care of their current needs such as food, clothing and shelter, and counseling so they are able to work solely on their emotional healing , reconnect with who they are, and what their goals are. From here we are able to point them in the direction to start building confidence, education, and map out their steps so that they may confidently support themselves as a whole. Where health care is needed we will help connect them with those services. Those who choose to press charges or legal suites we will be here to direct them towards the help and services they need.

As we grow in knowledge and Team we will improve our services.

" For things to change, you have to change. For things to get better you must get better". Jim Rohn.           THAT IS OUR PLAN


Our Mission:

Our mission is to compassionately walk beside Survivors of Human Trafficking, providing safe housing, immediate needs and restorative services for emotional, spiritual, physical, educational and financial healing.

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